Nine Mile Farm - Free Range, Non GMO, Non Soy Fresh Duck Eggs from Happy Birds

Our Pledge

We promise to provide you with healthy, nutritious, high quality, GMO Free Products.


Our Mission

Our mission is to improve our communities access to nutritious healthy food.

Nine Mile Farm is a small Farmstead run and managed by Jack and Dorothy Spirko with the assistance of their dogs Charlie and Max.  We specialize in pastured duck and chicken eggs.  Our birds are fed on free range forage and Texas Naturals Feed which is 100% GMO and Soy free.  

Our Farmstead is 3 acres in size and we are currently establishing multiple food forests, a small nursery along with other sustainable features.  Our goal is to provide fresh local food and plants to our community.

In addition to this we run several educational events each year on various aspects of homesteading, permaculture and sustainable food production.

To get in touch with us just use our Contact Us Page 

What We Offer

  • Free Range Duck Eggs
  • Live Plants
  • Permaculture Consulting
  • Educational Programs
  • Compost Tea
  • Comfrey Roots (in season only)
  • Homestead Consulting
  • Live Birds - Subject to Availability
  • Free Advice