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S2 – Duck Chronicles Episode Twelve – Into The Chocolate Muscovy World We Delve


Today in Season Two – The Duck Chronicles Episode Twelve – Into The Chocolate Muscovy World We Delve After losing more than 20 total birds to a coyote we have gone into recovery mode.  The coyote is dead, you can see that in Adjunct Nine here,

To deal with this loss we just purchased a total of 16 young muscovies, many are chocolate and gray phase birds.  The oldest among them (about 6) will be laying for us by the end of January, the rest should be laying in March, this will help us catch up with our loses.

This will also avoid the need to brood young birds in the winter like we did last year.  We will be adding more Welsh Harlequins and 300 Layers and perhaps some silver apple yards, now in March, that will put them into laying in August right when the muscovies go to full stop.

We also just got 8 inches of rain in about three days from the remnants of Hurricane Sandra, while this storm was weak sauce overall it brought a TON of rain our way, way too much as usual way to fast.

This means 2015 was the wettest year on record in our area and yet we still had a five month drought between the spring and fall monsoons.  Welcome to north Texas weather!  Oh the weather guessers say our rainfall for this month was 2.55 inches, they really don’t do a very good job, our three day total came from measuring water collected in a 6 foot kiddie pool over those three days in an open field.

Fox and Dana also make several appearances, they are both coming along very well and doing just great in learning to trust people after their feral kittenhood.  Fox has learned to leave the ducks alone; Dana is likely one butt kicking by Arnold, Hans or Franz from finally understanding that as well.

Remember you can see every episode of The Duck Chronicles from both Seasons So Far at

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