Nine Mile Farm - Free Range, Non GMO, Non Soy Fresh Duck Eggs from Happy Birds

The Team

The Team

The People – AKA Those Owned by the Animals!

Nine Mile Farmstead is owned by Dorothy and Jack Spirko. Dorothy spent over 20 years as a pediatric nurse and Jack spent most of his life in sales and marketing. Today they run their own businesses and take care of things at Nine Mile Farmstead.

Jack also runs a podcast about all things self sufficiency called “The Survival Podcast” which is listened to by over 100,000 people a day and has founded other businesses to help spread the word about sustainable and local food. These companies are AgriTrue and PermaEthos.


The Dogs


Primary security of the farmstead is the
responsibility of Charlie and Max.

Max is a very large but quite friendly once introduced
German Shepard. He is amazingly gentle with the birds especially with chicks. If presented with a baby chick he will actually lick it on the head.
Charlie is a pit bull and pointer mix, who took a bit of
work to be considered trust worthy with the birds. With the two of them around the birds are well protected from predators and Charlie has become very proficient at helping to move the birds when they need a bit of herding.