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Duck Chronicles – Season Two – Episodes Two and Three

ninemilelogoA two parter today guys, once you get over 10 minutes sometimes you have issues uploading direct to YouTube from the iPhone so I broke today into two episodes.


First in Duck Chronicles – Episode Two – Quails and Little Ducks it’s Outside for You we start off with the quail in the modified chicken tractor.  They are doing really well and just under one week of age.  I will explain how we are able to keep them outside instead of in a brooder.

Next we move over to the baby ducks.  On their second day here they are already outside as well.  They are housed in a 16×16 area and seem to be adapting very quickly to it.

I also discuss how we won’t just leave them out but instead evaluate them in the early evening, make sure they are okay and then let them out for the day.

I also explain out plans for a new duck water drain system with willow trees for the night time holding area.  This is a function stacking concept that will provide a ton of benefits.


In Duck Chronicles – Episode Three – A Pond the Ducks Have Yet to See I take you down to the new pond and explain how it will fit into our total system plan.

I also feed the catfish though only a few seem hungry and explain why the pond isn’t larger.  I talk about why I am not totally satisfied with how it turned out.

That said it will be a valuable asset for us as a tool for fish farming and we have some plans to create some bio filtration and grow beds using it.

We will also be planting tons of mint on the pond edges as it serves many purposes.  Including; holding the bank, habitat, handles the wet soil, great flowers for my bees and the ducks don’t eat it.

I also explain the plans for the west pasture and why we will be placing an excluder fence around the pond.   Why we filled the pond from a hose vs. waiting for rain and you get to really see what I mean when I say rock.  You will never look at my property the same way again when you see this!

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