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Education and Training Classes – Due to CoVid all Events are Currently on Hold.

Occasionally we host training classes on sustainable living and permaculture principles at our property. These events range from one day simple seminars and workshops to multi day camp out affairs on advanced permaculture principles.

Past Events Have Included

  • Wood Core Garden Bed Construction
  • Food Forrest Design and Planting
  • Urban Garden Design
  • Mobile Battery Bank Construction
  • Earthworks and Swale Construction
  • Plant Propagation Systems
  • Grafting Trees
  • Developing Seed Mixes and Cover Crops
  • Fodder Systems
  • Animal Husbandry

Several events are being considered for 2020 right now. To be notified of them when they are announced get on our notification list and we will keep you updated to new things at Nine Mile Farm.