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A Simple Pond Fountain for Under 25 Bucks

Simple fountain total cost less than $25. Take this pump and use half inch PVC pipe.

Dry fit is all you need no glue so easy to clean and service. Install a strait piece of pipe the length you want, wire tie the pump to a broken piece of cinder block, put an end cap on the top of the pipe that you have drilled a series of holes into in the pattern you want, done.

Our small pond really and I mean really needed this. We think all the catfish died, we stocked way too soon.  I knew better but the stocking truck was at the feed store and I gave it a shot.

No bodies but no fish coming for food any more and I did see a huge great blue heron down there. So it will be gold fish for the next round after about a week of this running.  The video is only 10 seconds but you can see how good it works for a small pond.

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