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S3 – Duck Chronicles – Episode 3 – A New Box of Ducks for Me

In Episode 3 of Season Three we start again at the post office picking up the balance of this week’s shipment of ducklings.  We will have one more round of ducks coming next week.

We then move on to the brooder.  Everyone from shipment one did well despite and over night low in the mid 30s.  It was warm enough inside the “Fortress of Duckatude”.  By 8 AM they were up partying at the feeders and waters and welcoming their new brooder mates by 9AM.

We finish with feeding the adult ducks, walking along the swale and peek at an upcoming meal for our Spring Workshop.

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Season Three – Duck Chronicles Episodes One and Two Published

Today March 1st is the launch of Season Three of the Duck Chronicles. In episode one I pick the new ducks up at the post office, talk about a shortage of Silver Appleyards, more shipments coming and the fact that John Metzer of Metzer Farms Personally Called me to Explain the issues. That folks is customer service!

In episode two we show you the giant brooder set up this year (AKA The Fortress of Duckatude”, our duck poop water catchers on steroids and deal with a few babies that still managed to get wet. We take everyone to learn where the warm place is, hang out a bit and wrap it up surrounded by baby ducks.




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S2 – Duck Chronicles Episode Seventeen – Meet Dorothy the Egg Queen

cleaneggsOn Season Two – Episode Seventeen – Meet Dorothy the Egg Queen, the awesome Dorothy goes over some of the steps taken to get our eggs ready for our customers.  This includes collection, candling, washing, packaging.

She also covers the daily Easter egg hunt for the typical 4-6 “lost eggs of the day”.  We show how we cut off between standard and mini eggs at 2.2 ounces.

Dorothy does an awesome job with the eggs, she cleans, inspects and packages the eggs every single day.  This video shows the level of care and effort that go into making sure our customers always get a 100% top quality experience.

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You can view all of Season One and Season Two at