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S2 – Duck Chronicles – Episode Fourteen – Chowing on Sprouts Like a Feathered Machine »

0b7aa595142ec7d01fe743fdda90fc0cIn Season two of The Duck Chronicles- Episode Thirteen – New Muscovies and February is Green we check out the new muscovies progress and even some newer ones that were added since the last episode.

The silvers are really pretty.  The day started out with duck anarchy.  Dorothy left the gate open and when I got up there were ducks everywhere.  A quick call of duck duck duck along with a bucket of breakfast sprouts got them up front where they belong.

Fox and Dana the rat patrol have come along well.  They spend their days mostly sleeping and playing. By working with them we have gotten them to be able to hang with our ducks and not really bother them.  They also follow me around the property in my daily tasks, and have done great at not really leaving the 3 acres of fenced area.

The drain system for the water with the willow is a big improvement but more has yet to be done.  We will be planting more trees and building a second drain system to split up the total water.

You also get to see today what happens when ducks get our early; you end up on a bit of an egg hunt.  Today we found three so far.  Nice big ones too.  We also take a look and how we are healing land using quail waste material.

We finish up with a brief look at the quail aviary but if you want to see a full review check out our playlist of the step by step progress here.