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Duck Chronicles – Season Two – Episodes Two and Three »

ninemilelogoThe Second Season of The Duck Chronicles begins today.  In  S2 -The Duck Chronicles – Episode One – Another Journey Has Begun the new ducks are here, and I had to run out and get them at 5 AM because a shipping delay caused them to be a day longer in transit than expected.  We only lost one little girl due to that, and sometimes that just happens.

We had one get really wet and cold before I got the right waterers in the brooder but all are happy and dry and eating like mad now.

One little gal was in a cup used to provide Grow Gel for them in transit.  She looked dead but turned out to just need some warmth, love and a bit of water.  She does have some mobility issues but has already improved a great deal, so I think she will be fine.

These are the reptile screw in heat emitters I use

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