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Sleek, Simple and it Works!

Sleek, Simple and it Works!

It looks like something out of Star Trek with a complex name to boot, but the Ivation Sleek 3-in-1 Emergency Black-Out Motion-Sensing Light and Torch is actually easier to use then a toaster.

All you do is plug it in and it does the rest.  Once it is dark a motion sensor turns it on when it senses any movement.  Lighting up your dark hall way or dark storage building automatically.  It gets better though, if the power goes off it turns on automatically.  This helps you find your other lights, candles, etc, without breaking your neck.  I mean we all know power tends to fail at times like when you are just getting out of the shower.

But hey you need to get to your gear, well all you do is pick this little gadget up off its charger, push a button and you have a flash light you can take with you.  Always fully charged.

We have used various types of Power Failure Lights for many years, they really are a blessing.  This latest one though solves a lot of problems.  First the lights are LED, this makes them low draw and extends battery life.  And with this type of use their life expectancy is though the roof.   Next the battery is lithium ion.  This is a big deal, every other version we have tried used NiCads and being charged constantly would eventually either kill them, kill how long they lasted or in some cases actually make the light come on and stay on even when it was switched to off.

Living in Texas storm season is really two seasons, bad storm season and normal storm season.  So we are adding a couple of these a month over time to our homestead.  First in the house but eventually I will have some in both shops and one in the duck house.

These are available on Amazon Prime so they ship free if you are a member.

Get a few and the next time the power goes out you will have no stubbed toes, no scared kids when the lights go out and you can raid the fridge without turning on any lights after hours.

Get the Ivation Sleek 3-in-1 Emergency Black-Out Motion-Sensing Light and Torch here.