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S2 – Duck Chronicles Episode Seven – Freedom is Heaven »

0b7aa595142ec7d01fe743fdda90fc0cToday on Season Two – Duck Chronicles Episode Six – The Ducks Get Their Playtime Fix we start out with a mishap where Farmer Jack left the water running for hours and filled up the bottom swale.  The mistake is mine but the ducks are very excited about it.

I also discuss quite a few questions from you guys.  I tell you how we manage the ducks at night for egg collection in the AM.  How we find the stray eggs the ducks lay when left out and best practices for that.

I explain the way we handle predators specifically hawks.  It is a combination of our dogs and the geese along with keeping our very small birds close to the house until they are flock integrated.

I also answer a question about saving a tree with blight, sometimes you can and sometimes you can’t.  We discuss cross breeding and what it does and when it produces sterile offspring (Muscovy x with any other duck).  I finish up with how we handle dirty eggs.