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Using a Quail Egg Cracking Tool »

We should be offering quail eggs to our customers in another week or two.  With that in mind we are going to put a few videos about using them so that every customer knows what to expect and has a great experience with these fantastic eggs.  Right now frankly since the ducks are not laying enough, I am hording our first quail eggs for my own breakfast and snacking.

Today we discuss how to make quail eggs either sunny side up style of over easy.  It is a simple life hack, re-purposing a mason jar ring for an egg ring.  Sure you can spend money on a official egg ring but to me that doesn’t really make much sense.

Quail eggs are tiny but that isn’t the only thing that makes them different.  They tend to easily have whits and yolks seperate.  This is no problem for scrambled eggs or boiled ones but if you are trying them sunny side up or over easy, it can be.

What you end up with is often long strung out thin whites on one side of the pan and lonely yolks on the other.  The solution is called an egg ring.  Now you an buy a set for 12 dollars or more or do what we do and just use a mason jar ring.  A large ring is perfect for 5 eggs, a small mouth ring works well for 3.

Next time we will talk about cracking quail eggs and why you will really want to get the tool you see me crack and egg with at the beginning of this video.

Here are a couple pictures of the end result.