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S2 – Duck Chronicles Episode Six – The Ducks Get Their Playtime Fix »

d80cd6be6ba7f90f5c3a558c792fdbf1Today in Season Two – Duck Chronicles Episode Five – Fall is Finally About to Arrive we start out with the “Brothers Green” who are just beginning to really get all their colors back after the summer molt. Buddy and Joe are trying to timber sorghum during morning bath time.

Little Brown and the Mini Brothers Green make an appearance as we take a look at some of the growth in the food forest. The “dwarf” mulberry is now about 8 feet tall, really.

We discuss the harsh summer we just came out of, 4 rain events in if you can even call them that in over 4 months. By rain event I mean, say 1/10th of an inch if that per event. Basically less than an inch total in the last 90 days, this after 27 straight days of rain in May!

I cover the new container/wicking gardens that we are putting in for the fall workshops. We also take a look at the baby quail and ducks who are doing quite well with my new philosophy of SDB (short duration brooding). I also discuss the discovery that Goji Berries seem to just go dormant in the heat of summer, look like they are dead, then come back and do a second crop.