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S2 – Duck Chronicles Episode Five – Fall is Finally About to Arrive »

ninemilelogoToday on The Duck Chronicles – Episode Four – Baby Ducks Out the Door we spend some times with the new babies.  They have now been outside for 3 nights and everyone is doing just awesome.

They are eating about 50% LESS feed then they did last winter in the brooder.  Today I also discuss more about SDB (short duration brooding) and why it works but why it isn’t for everyone or for every season.

I let you guys know the 5 breeds in this batch.

40 – Golden Layers
5 – Chocolate Runners
5 – Rouens
5 – Welsh Harlequins
5 – Buffs

I finish up discussing our plans for a large quail aviary made with cattle panels and how it will let us basically produce pastured quail and quail eggs and leak  bit more about the quail product I am working on for suburban environments.