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Early this year we decided to increase our duck flock with 50 dedicated layers to our flock.  We ordered them form our favorite supplier Metzer Farms.  Metzer then took them on hatch day, packed them in a box and yes mailed them to our via the post office.

We hear from a lot of people who are afraid to order birds by mail, but it is done every day.  So that morning I took out my phone and recorded picking htem out, just to show that it was okay, then I recorded gettting them home, into the brooder and out of this was born a YouTube series called, “The Duck Chronicles“.

This is a 48 episode series all shot on an iPhone that shows the journey of 50 little ducks along with the rest of our flock though the snow and ice of 2015s harsh winter and ends in early summer with the birth of more babies and seeing the new girls just about all grown up.

And guess what!  We are about to do it all again, on Sept. 9th season two will begin, right where we started last time, the Lake Worth Post Office where this time 60 new little girls will start their journey at Nine Mile Farm.  This is actual reality TV folks, the real way we love and care for our animals, there little victories and their struggle and occasionally their losses.

It is a good thing too that we ordered more, right now our waiting list on eggs is a mile long.  More girls are starting to lay every day, we are doing the best we can.  Next week the new wave of Duck Chronicles begins, until then catch up on all of season one.  The entire playlist is below or can be viewed at